Study.  Read.  Practice. 

Study.  Read.  Practice. 

No one seems to understand, that there is a moral issue connected to coding.

Simply put, coding means that one will always be delivering code into the real world to be consumed by humans.  Thus, a moral account for one’s actions has to take place.

Code, in sum, should follow these rules:

  1. Code should do no harm.

  2. Code should stand the test of time.

  3. Code should progress society forward.

One does not come upon this by chance.  It is only after one study, reads and practices does one reach this conclusion.

When you study, you’re developing the discipline of reworking a concept into your mind and your soul. When you practice,all of your studying is now manifested. Readingis the process of germinating your thoughts, which you intend to practice, into your soul before it is practiced.

This process of studying, reading and practicing manifests itself in many different orders, yet all parts are required to get the full benefit out the approach.

Study.  Read.  Practice.


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