What is the SDLC?

What is the SDLC?


The software development lifecycle, known as the SDLC, is the process professional software developers follow when writing and developing their code.  



SDLC Phases

Requirements Gathering

Here, the idea is to make sure you have a great deal of understanding of the problem that you wish to solve and have a clear understanding of the desires and needs of your clients (this could even be yourself or your family members).


Once you understand the problem that needs to be solved you can begin the phase which focuses on how the software should look and behave.  Walkthroughs, mock-apps, drawings and other design examples are created here.


Finally we start to write code, that should typically follow closely with the final design created in the design phase.


Here we must verify that the software works, that it is secure and that it can handle errors or flaws appropriately.


Here we are now prepared to launch the software to a place where users can interact with it.  This could be on a web server, or an mobile app store or in a robot for example.


Even after testing the software during the testing phase, you might see that there is a part of the software that needs to be updated due to security or even performance concerns (the software runs slow on certain phones).  The job now is to improve the software through an update that customers can download.


Study.  Read.  Practice.